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Normally Mura is WONDERFUL. I order from there & go there often and have never had a problem. However, I ordered a chicken dish pretty late last night & then had some work to finish up before digging in. Sadly when I got to the chicken it wasn't good. The texture, the flavor, something was definitely not right with it but by then it was already after closing so I couldn't call. I could not eat it & had to throw it away. I am hoping the staff will see this review and make sure no matter how close to closing it is to make sure to confirm freshness. I will go there again, as I am hoping it was just an off night.

il ji

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I got a bento box which requires little bit of everything: All of it was good. They put a lot of care into something simple as brown rice, which had a ton of varieties of other grains. I immediately noticed that the soy sauce was pretty premium stuff too. Compared to other bento boxes that are offered in the area the quality quantity and especially the pricing, this place is pretty top notch.


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The udon soup was deliiish and full of tasty veggies like shiitake and enoki mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, and snap peas. The tempura was served on the side and included shrimp, sweet potato, squash, and broccoli. I ordered near closing time, tipped accordingly, and the food arrived early and piping hot. The folks at Mura know their stuff and I'll be ordering from them again!


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Always fresh , flavorful food. Our favorite Sushi place. They delivered from Park Slope to me in Kensington! We recommend the Beach Roll, The Park Slope Roll, The Summer Roll, the Asparagus with yogurt sauce and any of their tasty salads!


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This place is one of the best places i have ordered from. the food always arrive fast, the flavor is always excellent. the delivery guy is always nice and polite. I would recommend Mura One to everyone.

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ok I've struggled with giving this place 5 stars over 4 but heres why I'm going with 5.... these guys are solid and fresh. never a "bad" dish..over all the food is fresh and never questionable and thats really what you want from a sushi place. I order all the time and have never EVER had a "wtf" experience... hint: the salmon teriyaki lunch special is the best of anywhere i tried. Big portion, fresh fish, and cook perfect, 3 shumai and edamame AND a california roll...PLUS a soup or salad! Its a butt ton of food and its good. you don't really feel like you ate a cheap lunch "deal" also they package it good so it doesn't spill...the rolls, vegan and fish are always good and fresh and packaged properly and nice portions. The grilled squid appetizer is a nice tasty portion i love it ( you gotta like squid tho)..anyway thank you mura for just being solid...if you could make your spicey seafood soup have a bit more seafood, and actually be spicy, i will marry you. thanks.


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I am pet sitting for a friend in Brooklyn heights and have ordered from Mura One twice this week! I was encouraged by the voluminous and positive reviews, so I made some standard selections for my first try. Typically, Im less than thrilled and try to avoid take out sushi, but wow! So impressed with the freshness, which is really saying something for delivery sushi. Second night I ordered some more interesting things from the menu - they have a massive selection of rolls that have all been so, so delicious.

Additional notes: they were very flexible in substituting items, for example, I don't like eel and asked for a different roll in a dinner package and they sub'd no charge. Portions are great, the seaweed salad was more than 3 bites, which is unusual, and the sashimi slices are thick and meaty.

Highly recommend this to anyone within delivery radius, I'll definitely be asking to pet sit again just for the Mura One dinner :)


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I order from Mura One about once a week, and the food is great! I usually get the mango shrimp roll, the tuna salmon roll, and/or udon noodle soup. All are wonderful and always arrive quickly! My only negative is that once (recently) the delivery guy yelled at my husband, saying we didn't tip - which was incorrect (and I double-checked the bill), as I had tipped $5. We called Mura One to let them know that the driver yelled at us, and they didn't seem to care. That being said, this is the only negative experience I've had a Mura One and I've been ordering from here for over a year.


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This place has lunch specials that are truly spectacular. One of the things I found most striking was the variety of types of rolls you could order, and many of the otherwise more expensive rolls were available on the 2 rolls/3 rolls lunch special menu. Score! Also, all the rolls that came with avocado (which are many) came with a really good amount: lots of other places skimp on the amount of avocado in a roll if they include it (without extra charge) at all. Great find!


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This has become our apartment go-to for Sushi Sundays. They have always been super fast. The food is out for delivery minutes after I order, always under the time estimation. The sushi is good. I never get anything really exciting as I'm still a beginner at the whole sushi thing so I can't speak to that, but having tried a lot of other places in the area, I think it speaks for itself that Mura is the one where I'm now a regular.

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